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Hunter × Hunter G.I. Final

Gon and Killua continue their training with Bisuke as the Mad Bomber wreaks havoc upon the other players in Greed Island. As their strength increases, Gon and Killua also start searching for the hundred cards needed to complete the game. As their number of cards increases they must now prepare to face off against Razor, the leader of the Fourteen Devils, and the Mad Bomber himself. 14 episodes. Other series like this.

Hunter × Hunter Greed Island

After the Hunter x Hunter TV series and first OVA, Gon and Killua finally have a means of which to enter Greed Island, a game designed just for Hunters. Are their Nen abilities strong enough to help them survive in this new world? They must now train and grow stronger to uncover their secret abilities. With a helping hand from Bisuke, they will be able to continue their quest to unravel the mystery behind Ging Freeccs and this 'almost too real' Hunter game. 8 episodes. Other series like this.

Memories Off 2nd

It was snowing that night: the night that Inami Ken's life changed for the better, the night that a shy girl named Hotaru confessed her love. But although their budding relationship does nothing but flourish, chaos is thrown into the mix when Ken is acquainted by chance with Hotaru's best friend Tobise. With temptation to bear and duties to fulfill, will Ken have the strength to stay faithful? 3 episodes. Other series like this.

Memories Off 3.5

Joint with Anime-Influx. 4 episodes.

To Heart: Remember My Memories

Time has passed since we first met Hiroyuki Fujita and his friends in To Heart, and many things have changed in their lives. Most importantly, Multi, the human android he loved so much, is no longer a part of his life. Things take a turn, however, when the new semester starts. Multi unexpectedly is brought back to the school Hiroyuki and his friends attend by her developer Nagase, but it seems she has lost all of her memories. Follow Hiroyuki as he tries to rebuild his friendship with Multi, while handling other everyday problems in this schoolkid romance anime. Joint with Anime-Keep on episodes 1 through 8. Joint with Conclave on episodes 9 through 13. 13 episodes. Other series like this.

Windy Tales

Nao and Miki are the sole members of their school's photography club, and have discovered the hidden secret of the wind. With the help of Mr. Taiki (a member of the ancient clan of the "wind-handlers" and one of their teachers) the duo soon pick up the secrets of controlling the wind and seeing it in its perfect beauty. With flying cats, lost tree squirrels and photography contests to boot, there's wind to be seen in any situation... Joint with Shining Fansubs. 13 episodes. Other series like this.

Licensed/Dropped/Forgotten Series

Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002
Early Reins
Hand Maid Mai
Kujibiki Unbalance
Prince of Tennis
Shaman King
The Law of Ueki
Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea
Wandaba Style
Zettai Shonen

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