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Is there going to be another season or OVA of Hunter × Hunter?
We guess that it's likely, but no official announcements have been made, and it'll take a long time, since the anime is too close to catching up to the manga storyline. Blame Yoshihiro Togashi, not us.
How about Genshiken?
There's was an OVA and second season released after A-Faith folded. They were fansubbed by other groups and now Media Blasters has the license to release DVDs in the states.
How many episodes is Series?
See the projects page.
Why can't I play this episode?
If no video shows up, you get strange colors in the video, or you only get about 16 FPS, install the latest (CVS) build of FFDShow. As of this writing, it is 2004-08-28, available from (get the alpha).
What's a CRC and why should I check it?
CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check. It is a nearly unique value used to verify a file was transferred correctly. To check the CRC of a file in mIRC, type //echo -a $crc(path and filename) - for example, //echo -a $crc(D:\anime\filename.avi).
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